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Workplace Mental Health

Depression is a curable illness.

Today, the number of depressed patients is approaching 1 million nationwide, and it is said that the number of people who have preconditions reaches about 6 million.
The highest age range to develop depression is in 30s and 40s, and patient as well as his/her family suffer tremendously while it is a great loss for the companies.
Depression lasts longer than other mental illnesses and therefore requires specific support and care for returning to work or to the society itself, and also family and company support are needed.
In addition, we may focus not only on the patient but also on the family members who care for them.

Protection of Personal Information Regarding Mental Health

In providing mental health care, we see the great importance in protecting the personal information of patients, including current health information.

Awareness and Response on Mental Health Problems and its Prevention

In mental health care, preventive measures such as elimination or reduction of stress factors are important, but unfortunately, if your colleague develops mental health issues in the workplace, it is necessary to detect it early and take appropriate measures. To do this, you need:

  1. Proactive and voluntary consultation and self-check by colleagues
  2. Consultation by managers and/or occupational health staff
  3. Awareness and support from colleagues' families
  4. Visit an specialized medical institution at early stage

Management and Improvement of Working Hours (correspondence to excessive overtime)

Through our experience, followings are more likely to get depressed than others and take longer to recover:

  1. People work excessive overtime
  2. People only take short recess

Therefore, recent priority items include measures against overwork, long-term-leave, return to work, depression, and suicide.

Early Detection of Depression after Getting Promoted
*This homepage mainly describes the workplace mental health problems, but please feel free to visit us for any other symptoms.