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About this website

About this website

Due to the recent major changes in the social environment, the number of workers who are tired from work and have strong anxiety and stress is steadily increasing.
Recently, many companies have started to implement mental health initiatives in their offices, but it seems that it is still insufficient due to the fact that depression and suicide have not yet decreased in the workplace.
Maple Clinic offers consultation on the workplace mental health issues.
Please also feel free to visit us even if you have symptoms other than caused by the workforce environment.

About our logo

  Maple is a deciduous tree of the Aceraceae family and is found in North America, Asia, Europe and North Africa.
Maple (sugar maple and oba maple), which grows in the United States and Canada, reaches a height of 30 to 35 meters and produces famous large leaves in summer.
These North American maple trees are often planted as green shade trees, yet within the broad-leaved tree timber industry, maple trees are listed as the third highest ranking timber produced for use in flooring, furniture, and other wooden products.
In addition, the sugar maple tree supplies maple syrup.
As you can see, maple is very popular with people in North America, especially in Canada, where the leaf is the national symbol.
Maple leaf, which has such a sense of stability and give people a rest, has been adopted as our clinic logo.

About our logo