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Early Detection of Depression after Getting Promoted

Of course, getting promoted is a happy event for the person him/herself as well as their families and friends.
However, we cannot just be happy.
That is because there is a type of depression, called "depression caused by promotion." Getting promoted comes with more responsibility than before.
As a result of the pressure, some colleagues suffer from depression. It seems a person who is methodical and punctual and has a strong sense of responsibility in the first place develops depression more often than others who are not like this.

Depressive Symptoms Noticed by Family members and Those around Them
  • No longer see their smiles but looks down and gloomy
  • Not eating much recently and loosing weight
  • Looks like not having a good night's sleep
  • Looks like being unable to act promptly
  • Not showing interest in anything
  • Became reluctant or unmotivated to have sex

If you have promotion depression in your family or at work, it is important to take prompt action.
First, don't hesitate to consult a professional doctor (psychiatrist or psychosomatic physician).
If they take medicine and take a rest, they will surely be able to return to their original state of health. It may sometimes be better to take a leave from work.
There are many things the company can do, such as providing some care by the line manager.

What is important to prevent having a promotion depression?
We believe one of them is to tell them not to be overly concerned about promotion.
In addition, the manager and family members should communicate well with the person and watch over the person for the first three month after the transfer.
By doing so, he/she should be able to get a smooth start.

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