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Clinic Information

Clinic Hours

  • AM|With Appointment (9:00~12:30)   Mon.~Sun.○
  • AM|Walk-in (12:30~14:00)   Mon.~Wed.、Fri.、Sun.○
  • PM|With Appointment (12:00~16:00)   Tue.~Thu.○
  • PM|With Appointment (16:00~20:00)   Mon.~Fri.○
  • AM|Walk-in (12:00~13:30)   Thu.×
  • PM|With Appointment (12:00~16:00)   Mon.、Fri.、Sun.×
  • PM|With Appointment (16:00~20:30)   Sun.×
  • Sun/Holiday is Closed.
Clinic Hours
  1. Please tell us your doctor's name when making an appointment over the phone.

  2. If you are also reserved for a psychiatric therapy, please call by the day before if you cancel the appointment.

  3. Walk-in patients will be consulted on a first-come-first-served basis and also after finishing patients with appointments.
    Please come between 12:00 to 13:00 everyday except Thursdays.

  4. Walk-in is only allowedfor repeated patients with Dr. Sato.
    Please make an appointment if you are a first-time visitor.


Access Map

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  1. Please go up to the second floor from the stairs on the rotary side of the station.
    ※You cannot enter from the entrance on the apartment side.